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Protein Christmas Gifts

It’s Christmas!

Our favourite time of year. The gyms are quiet, the weather gives us a good excuse to stay in baking and there’s just the smallest chance of snow!

The only down side? What to get that problematic relative or colleague you pulled out of the Secret Santa hat. Fear not, we’ve got you covered. From your Instagram-loving niece who photographs every meal she cooks to your cycling-fanatic father in law, we’ve the Christmas gift for you.

Protein Gifts

Here at Nutristrength we believe in real food and real nutrition. Whether you prefer taking your gym outside or prefer the odd pilates class, nutrition is important. That’s why we offer a range of lifestyle nutrition products that work perfectly alone but are also great for cooking with so you can include protein in your diet in the best way to suit your lifestyle.

Here we’ve pulled out a selection that will make great gifts, whoever you need to buy for this Christmas.

Gifts for fitness fanatics

power bundle

Know someone who’s always looking for the next burst of energy in their fitness? Perhaps they’re in training for an event and they seem in a constant stream of energy, train, recover. The Power Bundle is the perfect gift for them!


Whey Protein Isolate Classic Vanilla 500g

Beet Power

Nutristrength Shaker in Blue

That’s a bundle worth over £55 for just £44.99!

Whey Protein Isolate is a lean protein powder that’s high in protein and low in fat at 22.8g protein and just 0.6g fat per serving, meaning it’s perfect for those in training as it’ll aid recovery whilst being refined to help them keep going.

The Beet Powder is a deliciously natural product with just one ingredient – beets!

Beets are rich in nitrates, which can improve blood flow by widening blood vessels.

Shop the Power Bundle


intro bundle

The bundle is finished off with their own Nutristrength Shaker, perfect for mixing a quick shake after their workout. 

If they’re new protein and haven’t quite sussed their favourite flavour or recipe, then the Nutristrength Christmas Intro Bundle is perfect for them!


Nutristrength Taster Box

Nutristrength Shaker in Green

Shop the Intro Bundle

Gifts for bakers

baker's bundle

Have a significant other who is always in the kitchen getting you to try their latest creation? Or a brother that is constantly refining their vegan protein bar recipe?

The Baker’s Bundle is the Christmas gift for them!


Pea Protein Classic Vanilla 500g

Beet Powder

Coconut Oil

+ Bonus recipe cards!

The Nutristrength Pea Protein range is popular with those of all dietary requirements for its high protein, non-dairy versatility in protein recipes. Pea Protein’s plant-based nature makes it more stable in cooking and less bloating than traditional whey protein.

When teamed with coconut oil and beet powder, there’s no end to the delicious recipes they can make – and you can be chief taste tester!

This bundle would normally come to over £60 but you can purchase now for just £49.99, with a saving of over £12.

Shop the Baker's Bundle

Gym gifts

gym bundle

Got a friend that puts your gym schedule to shame? A sister that spends more time in her leggings than any other piece of clothing?

The Nutristrength Gym Bundle is what they’ll be wanting to find under the tree this year.


Whey Protein Isolate Roasted Cocoa 500g


Nutristrength Shaker in Blue

If you were to purchase each item individually, it would normally come in at over £60, so this bundle is great value offering a saving of over £12 at £49.99.

Shop the Gym Bundle

Gifts for cyclists

cyclists bundle

We all have that person in our life that would rather be on two wheels than two legs. Whether it’s your dad who spends every weekend out on a mountain climb or your aunt who just completed her third triathlon, the Cyclist’s Bundle is a great Christmas present option.


Whey Protein Mini Box


Nutristrength Shaker in Orange

This product selection is available as a bundle for just £39.99.

With a selection of our Whey Protein Isolate flavours to try and a tub of our high quality BCAA capsules, this is the perfect gift for the cyclist or triathlete in your life.

Shop the Cyclist's Bundle

Yoga Gifts

yogi bundle

Is there a budding yoga teacher in your family? The Yogi Bundle would be perfect for them.


Pea Protein Mixed Strawberry 500g

Coconut Oil

This bundle is perfect for a yogi who is constantly making healthy recipes to support their yoga practice and build strength. And, with a £10 saving at just £34.99, it’s great value too!

Shop the Yogi's Bundle

Protein Gift Card

Not sure what to get them? You can’t fail with the Nutristrength Protein Gift Card!

Just select your value, choose your gift card image and write your own personal note to wish them a Merry Christmas.

It’s the perfect thing if you’re running a little late, too. With all gift cards being virtual, it’s an instant gift that you know won’t get lost in the Christmas post. All gift cards are valid for 1 year from purchase so they have plenty of time to browse the Nutristrength shop.

Protein Stocking Fillers and Secret Santa

Got a £10 Secret Santa limit? Try the Nutristrength Mini Taster Box. Including free UK delivery, we’ve got you all wrapped up.

Choose from the Mini Vegan Taster Box or the Whey Protein Range.

Got a bit more to play with? We have three different full-size taster boxes too. Choose from the Nutristrength Range Taster Box, The Whey Protein Taster Box and The Vegan Protein Taster Box all at £25.

Or you could try our new limited-edition Christmas protein – Pea Protein Chai Spice Flavour! It’s only available for a limited period during the festive season so be sure to stock up!

                                                                     protein sachets taster box


Protein Advent Calendar

How about a treat for you?

Have you been following the Nutristrength Protein Advent Calendar on Instagram? Every day in the run-up to Christmas, we’ll be sharing a new recipe, activity, promotion or prize behind each window.

Follow us now do you don’t miss out.

                                             protein advent calendar


Christmas Recipes

How about baking your Christmas gifts this year?

We have some of the prettiest and tastiest Christmas protein recipes around.

Warm up with our Black Forest Protein Hot Chocolate.

Serve up a storm with our Christmas Pumpkin Pie.

And don’t be without that quintessential classic – the humble protein Mince Pie.


                                              black forest protein hot chocolate