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pea protein vanilla kiwi smoothie Nutristrength vegan vanilla pea protein powder 1kg recyclable pouch papaya smoothie bowl
Nutristrength vegan vanilla pea protein powder 1kg recyclable pouch

Pea Protein Classic Vanilla

VegetarianVeganNo Gluten Containing Ingredients No Dairy Containing Ingredients
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We're pleased to introduce our new environmentally-conscious packaging for our 1kg Pea Protein Classic Vanilla perfect for post-workouts.

- Bestseller

- Great natural taste!

- Natural ingredients 

- No sandy, grainy texture so often associated with pea protein.

No Gluten Containing Ingredients No Gluten Containing Ingredients
No Dairy Containing IngredientsNo Dairy Containing Ingredients
23.7gProtein(per 32g)
2gCarbs(per 32g)
1.5gFat(per 32g)
Pea Protein Classic Vanilla

What is Pea Protein?

Nutristrength Vegan Pea Protein powder is basically what it says on the tin, it's made from peas. Don't worry, despite the name it does not taste like peas. Basically, peas are dried and ground into fine flour. The flour is then mixed with water to remove the fibre and starch, which then leaves the protein, vitamins and minerals in paste form. It is this paste that is then dried and grounded further to produce the pea protein powder we recognise and love the taste of. Read more about how Pea Protein is made in our blog post.

Nutristrength Pea Protein Classic Vanilla is one of our bestselling products because of its great taste. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself! Made with natural ingredients and having undergone rigorous taste testing to ensure we found the perfect blend, our plant-based protein avoids that sandy, grainy texture so often associated with pea protein.

This means you’re left with a naturally sweet-tasting plant-based protein that goes perfectly in a whole range of vegan protein recipes. Try making our Healthy Vegan Cookie Dough Cake for a vanilla vegan protein snack or pudding.

Our Vanilla Pea Protein powder is just as delicious on its own with water or plant milk as a vegan protein shake – just add it to a Nutristrength Shaker,  shake up and enjoy!

Available in both 1kg and 500g tubs, now our new pouches, Pea Protein Classic Vanilla can be used regularly in baking and cooking as well as one of a mix of proteins in your routine.

All of our Pea Protein flavours are suitable for vegans and are the perfect protein powder for lactose intolerant individuals.

blender icon

Mix one 32g scoop in 250-350ml water or milk.

Alternatively blend with a handful of fresh fruit, mix it with cereal, or add to your favourite recipe.

smoothie icon

Sit back and enjoy!

Whether you've made a delicious smoothie or protein-filled savoury snack, Nutristrength powders will taste delicious!


Papaya Smoothie Bowl made with Pea Protein Classic Vanilla

Use your Pea Protein Classic Vanilla to make this exotic Papaya Crumble Smoothie Bowl!

With over 23g protein and packed with vitamin C, it's a breakfast you'll want to make again and again.


*Our new pouch packaging

We're pleased to introduce our new environmentally-conscious packaging for our 500g Pea Protein Classic Vanilla. After a lot of time looking at the different options currently available, we found that a widely recyclable pouch was by far the best option given the UK's infrastructure.
Why not compostable? 
Sadly, most compostable packaging options on the market today are not home-compostable, which means much of it ends up in landfill and takes longer to break down. Our new pouches are produced in the UK and made from a HDPE-2 material, using a low environmental impact model, in a carbon-neutral facility leading to fewer delivery trucks. Being digitally printed, there is virtually zero wastage in production. They can also be widely recycled, which means more people can do their bit. 
Pea Protein Classic Vanilla
"I love this protein, my favourite vegan protein, nice texture, and taste. It's not too sweet either."
Emily Collins | Posted 2 months ago | Read full review
"I love the taste and it's so versatile"
Trusted Customer | Posted 4 months ago | Read full review
"Lovely. Really like this in smoothies or frozen smoothie bowls. Great blended with frozen cherries."
Caroline Turner | Posted 8 months ago | Read full review
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