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nutristrength protein taster box
nutristrength protein taster box

Nutristrength Taster Box

VegetarianNo Gluten Containing Ingredients
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The Nutristrength Taster Box is a great way of trying the Nutristrength protein range. Available in 12 single-use sachets, you can add them to your daily diet and routine or use it as a way of trialing whether protein food supplements are right for you.

No Gluten Containing Ingredients No Gluten Containing Ingredients
No Dairy Containing IngredientsNo Dairy Containing Ingredients

The handy sachets mean that you can take them with you and conveniently add them to water in a shaker bottle for protein on the go or mix them into a smoothie or recipe.

Never tried pea protein before? Our vegan-friendly pea protein range is available on its own as a Vegan Protein Taster Box.

Want to see if whey protein isolate is right for you? Either try the Nutristrength Taster Box here or our Whey Protein Taster Box with just our whey protein isolate flavoured sachets. 

Protein Gift Box

Stuck for present ideas? The Nutristrength Taster Box is a great gift for anyone who uses protein regularly or is thinking of trying lifestyle nutrition.


The Nutristrength Taster Box contains one of each of our taster sachets, so you can decide which protein and which flavour is your favourite before getting one of our 500g or 1kg natural protein products.

The Taster Box contains:

2 x Pea Protein Classic Vanilla Sachet Classic Vanilla Pea Protein is our best-selling flavour. Sweetened with plant extracts, its natural taste isn’t overpowering or artificial tasting; delicious in smoothies or on its own as a protein shake.

2 x Pea Protein Mixed Strawberry Sachet The Mixed Strawberry flavour can be used in your favourite vegan recipes, as a shake or mixed in with plant-based milk for a strawberry-flavoured milkshake at breakfast.

2 x Pea Protein Cocoa Orange Zest Sachet Pea Protein Cocoa Orange Zest is flavoured with real orange peel and cocoa powder for a rich and zesty taste.

3 x Whey Protein Isolate Classic Vanilla Sachet Derived from grass-fed cows and sweetened with plant extracts, Whey Protein Isolate Classic Vanilla is delicious as a protein shake to give your body the sustenance it needs.

3 x Whey Protein Isolate Roasted Cocoa Sachet Mix Whey Protein Isolate Roasted Cocoa into milk or water for a chocolate milkshake tasting drink. Low in fat and high in calcium, Nutristrength Whey Protein Isolate is a product to help you achieve the results you’re working towards.


That’s 12 protein sachets in total, consisting of the entire Nutristrength protein range.

Try the range today and share your favourite sachets with us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

This product is suitable for vegetarians.

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