Goat and sheep whey protein is a great alternative to cow’s whey-based protein. Made in the same way as cow’s milk-based whey protein, goat and sheep whey is made by taking the milk and processing it through a filter to leave behind the whey.

The whey is then dried and ground to form a powder, as with other whey protein products. It’s this powder you recognise as the protein powder in tubs and sachets.

Does goat and sheep whey have lactose?

Goat and sheep’s milk does contain lactose but many people who find they have an intolerance to cow’s milk and lactose find that they can consume goat and sheep dairy products. This is because the intolerance to cow’s milk can be caused by the casein proteins in the milk. Goat and sheep’s milk has a different casein structure and fat composition to that of cows so those with an intolerance to cow’s milk often report they find it more easily digested.

Goat and sheep whey vs cow whey

In addition to the different casein structure, there are lots of differences between goat and sheep whey and cow’s milk-based whey.

Goat and sheep’s milk tends to have a creamier taste and texture than cow’s milk, which comes through in the whey, making it delicious in smoothies.

Goat’s milk has a reputation for being strong in flavour, when compared to cow’s milk, but sheep milk is a lot milder so the two together tend to balance each other out.

Goat’s milk fat globules are smaller than in cow’s milk so it’s easier to digest for people who struggle to digest cow’s milk, it also has a higher amount of calcium than cow’s milk. Sheep’s milk generally contains a higher amount of protein than cow’s milk and a much higher amount of vitamin C

Goat and sheep whey protein benefits

There are a lot of benefits to goat and sheep whey protein. Some people prefer the taste and texture, whilst others prefer it as they can digest it easier than traditional whey.

There are different vitamins and nutrients between the two types, where Goat and Sheep Whey Protein can offer more BCAAs per scoop. Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein Unflavoured has a minimum of 6g BCAAs per scoop in comparison to our Whey Protein Isolate Unflavoured, which is slightly less at 5g BCAAs as a minimum per scoop, although offers a greater protein content percentage.

Goat and sheep whey protein recipes

As goat and sheep whey protein has a distinctive texture and taste it can be a great addition to protein recipes. Delicious on its own as a shake or mixed into different recipes, it really adds flavour to our Coconilla Snack Bites – as an added protein alternative to fudge.

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Where to buy goat and sheep whey protein powder

You can buy Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein online via the Nutristrength online shop. Available with free UK delivery, you can choose between the taster sachet size or 500g and 1kg pots. Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein is available in unflavoured and Mixed Strawberry flavour.

Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein is award-winning, having won the Best New Health and Nutrition Product award at the 2016 Europe Natural & Organic Awards. You can also buy Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein from a select number of retailers in the UK. Available in Planet Organic, Wholefoods Market, Harvey Nichols and a select number of Boots stores, to name a few, there’s plenty of options to buy goat and sheep whey protein near you.