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super berry overnight oats

Super Berry Overnight Oats

VegetarianVeganNo Gluten Containing Ingredients Dairy Free
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Introducing Nutristrength Super Berry Overnight Oats! Made with a vegan protein blend, this tasty product is delicious for breakfast or even as a quick snack. Can be eaten hot or cold and each serving delivers over 10g protein 5.9g fibre per serving! 

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No Gluten Containing Ingredients No Gluten Containing Ingredients
Dairy FreeDairy Free
10.4gProtein(per 50g)
2.1gSugar(per 50g)
5.9gFibre(per 50g)
Super Berry Overnight Oats

Nutristrength Super Berry Overnight Oats is our brand new ready-pack overnight oats product. Eat hot as a warming porridge during the winter or make up as overnight oats for a convenient breakfast for your daily commute, the choice is yours.

Made with a nutritious blend of vegan protein powders including our bestselling Pea Protein this tasty breakfast is packed with nutrition without compromise on taste.

Like all of our products, Nutristrength Super Berry Overnight Oats are made right here in the Wiltshire countryside in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility without any artificial ingredients. That's no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, so you have a tasty and natural breakfast option that's as easy to make as pour, mix, stir and serve!

Each serving is made up of natural protein, gluten-free oat flakes and real freeze-dried berries. 

This versatile product can be used in all sorts of ways, with or without dairy, topped or naked, cold or hot - it's completely up to you! 

Be sure to share pictures of your oaty creations with us with #ExploreSomethingNew.

This product is suitable for vegans.

Add our Nutristrength Small Glass Shaker for just £3 with the Overnight Oats Bundle!

prepare overnight oats

For Overnight Oats:

Add 50g to 100-125ml water or plant-based milk of your choice, then stir. Place in the fridge to rest overnight. Serve and enjoy!

For Porridge Oats:

Add 50g to 100-125ml of water or plant-based milk of your choice in a microwaveable container, then stir. Microwave on full power for 45 seconds, then stir. Heat for a further 5-45 seconds and serve.

eating overnight oats

Magic made overnight!

This high protein, low sugar breakfast is tasty hot or cold! Either pop it in the fridge for a healthy overnight oats recipe or warm up in the microwave for a high fibre winter breakfast.

There are so many ways you can enjoy your Overnight Oats. Top with real berries, make your own coulis topping or add a handful of seeds for a protein and fibre boost!

Enjoy hot or cold for a tasty and satisfying breakfast. Keep your eyes peeled on our Protein Recipes for more ways you can enjoy your Super Berry Overnight Oats!

A note on our packaging

We are in a constant state of research to find the most environmentally-conscious packaging for our products. We have invested a lot of time in exploring the different options currently available and have concluded that a *truly* widely recyclable option is by far the best in the UK.
Our chosen route has been to source pouches that are produced in the UK made from a HDPE-2 material, using a low environmental impact model in a carbon-neutral facility. They are digitally printed, which means there is virtually zero wastage. They can also be widely recycled, ensuring as many people as possible are able to do their bit, wherever they are in the world. 
Super Berry Overnight Oats


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