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Pea Protein Unflavoured pea protein unflavoured serving suggestion vegan pizza made with pea protein unflavoured
Pea Protein Unflavoured

Pea Protein Unflavoured

VegetarianVeganNo Gluten Containing Ingredients No Dairy Containing Ingredients
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We're pleased to introduce our new environmentally-conscious packaging for our 1kg Pea Protein Unflavoured, perfect for post-workouts.

- Vegan-friendly

- Sugar-free

- High-protein

- Source of fibre

- Natural, simple ingredients 

- No sandy, grainy texture so often associated with pea protein.

No Gluten Containing Ingredients No Gluten Containing Ingredients
No Dairy Containing IngredientsNo Dairy Containing Ingredients
24.3gProtein(per 32g)
2.0gCarbs(per 32g)
3.0gFat(per 32g)
Pea Protein Unflavoured

What is Pea Protein?

Nutristrength Vegan Pea Protein is basically what it says on the tin, it's made from peas. Don't worry, despite the name it does not taste like peas. Basically, peas are dried and ground into fine flour. The flour is then mixed with water to remove the fibre and starch, which then leaves the protein, vitamins and minerals in paste form. It is this paste that is then dried and grounded further to produce the pea protein powder we recognise and love the taste of. Read more about how Pea Protein is made in our blog post.

Nutristrength Unflavoured Pea Protein is a vegan- friendly, dairy free alternative to whey-based food supplements. Nutristrength Pea Protein is an excellent source of essential amino acids. Created using natural ingredients, this product provides you with a high protein food to help you develop your healthy and strong body.

As it’s a plant-based protein, it’s completely free from animal-derived products, meaning it goes perfectly in your vegan protein recipes! The neutral flavour means it works well in both savoury and sweet recipes, such as your morning protein granola or Vegan Sushi for dinner.

Available in Pea Protein Unflavoured 1kg and 500g tubs, you can choose the size dependent on your needs. Whether you cook with it every day, to get that added vegan protein boost, or have a quick shake following your workout, Pea Protein Unflavoured is a versatile and high-quality pea protein powder.

All of our Pea Protein flavours are suitable for vegans and are the perfect protein powder for lactose intolerant individuals.

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Mix one 32g scoop in 250-350ml water or milk.

Alternatively, mix with a handful of fresh berries, dust on top of your cereal, or add to your favourite pea protein recipe.

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Get cooking and enjoy!

Whether you've made a tasty breakfast topping or protein-filled savoury snack, Nutristrength Pea Protein Unflavoured will add a vegan protein hit to your meals!


Vegan Pizza made with Pea Protein Unflavoured

Use your Pea Protein Unflavoured to make pizza, with a vegan twist!

With Pea Protein Unflavoured mixed into this vegan pizza base, this recipe is packed with nutrients and tasty ingredients. Top it your way!


*Our new pouch packaging

We're pleased to introduce our new environmentally-conscious packaging for our 500g Pea Protein Classic Vanilla. After a lot of time looking at the different options currently available, we found that a widely recyclable pouch was by far the best option given the UK's infrastructure.

Why not compostable?

Sadly, most compostable packaging options on the market today are not home-compostable, which means much of it ends up in landfill and takes longer to break down. Our new pouches are produced in the UK and made from a HDPE-2 material, using a low environmental impact model, in a carbon-neutral facility leading to fewer delivery trucks. Being digitally printed, there is virtually zero wastage in production. They can also be widely recycled, which means more people can do their bit.

Pea Protein Unflavoured
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