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goat and sheep whey protein savoury protein pancakes goat and sheep protein smoothie bowl
goat and sheep whey protein

Goat and Sheep Whey Protein

VegetarianNo Gluten Containing Ingredients
(9) Reviews
93.333333333333 9 100

- Easy to digest, no bloating

- Creamy taste and texture

- Fully recyclable and environmentally conscious packaging

No Gluten Containing Ingredients No Gluten Containing Ingredients
Dairy FreeDairy Free
22.8gProtein(per 30g)
3.1gCarbs(per 30g)
2.2gFat(per 30g)
Goat and Sheep Whey Protein

Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein is a great alternative to cow’s whey based proteins. Intolerances to cow’s milk can be caused by the casein proteins within the milk itself. Both goat and sheep milk have a different casein structure and fat composition to cow’s milk making it more easily absorbed by the body, leaving less undigested residue.

Nutristrength Goat and Sheep Whey Protein is an excellent source of protein and amino acids to help you develop your healthy and strong body.

Our Goat and Sheep Whey Protein has a soft, creamy taste, which is neutral to all taste pallets. This makes it perfect either on its own as a creamy tasting protein shake or as part of a recipe such as our Coconilla Snack Bites or the Pear and Cinnamon Smoothie.

Available in 1kg recyclable pouches.

This product is suitable for vegetarians.

A 30g serving equals approx 2 ¼ heaped tablespoons. 

blender icon

Mix one 30g scoop in 150-200ml water or milk.

Alternatively, blend with fruit and yohgurt for a creamy thick shake, sprinkle on top of cereal or make a savoury or sweet protein recipe.

smoothie icon

Shake up and enjoy!

As the texture of Goat and Sheep Whey Protein is creamier than regular cow's milk-based whey protein, it's the perfect base for a smoothie!


Savoury Protein Pancakes made with Goat and Sheep Whey Protein

Protein pancakes don't always have to be sweet. This Savoury Protein Pancake recipe can make for a great lunchtime meal or snack that you can top with a range of savoury toppings.

As Goat and Sheep Whey Protein is easier for a lot of people to digest than cow's milk based dairy products, you might even find that the recipe is less bloating too.


A note on our packaging

We are always researching to find the most environmentally-conscious packaging for our products. We have invested a lot of time looking at the different options currently available and have concluded that a *truly* widely recyclable option is by far the best in the UK.
For our new refill packaging, we have chosen to source pouches that are produced in the UK made from a HDPE-2 material, using a low environmental impact model in a carbon-neutral facility. They are digitally printed, which means there is essentially zero wastage in production. They can also be widely recycled, which means as many people as possible are able to do their bit, wherever they are in the world. 
Goat and Sheep Whey Protein
"been using this for a couple of years - really like it and too much cow products isn't good for me so it's great they've got this alternative."
Trusted Customer | Posted 1 month ago | Read full review
"Mixes well with cold water for everyday amino acids without the troublesome proteins of cows whey. Or mixed with warm it clumps enough to add texture to a sweet filo pastry pie. Some mistakes are a gift."
Trusted Customer | Posted 5 months ago | Read full review
"Product is perfect although it would be even more perfect if there were flavour options! It's good on the stomach for me, I can have reactions when there is 'junk added to stuff, thankfully this isn't the case here. I'll definitely be ordering again. Thanks guys."
Ger O Donovan | Posted 6 months ago | Read full review
"fab! easy to mix and good value"
JIva Masheder | Posted 7 months ago | Read full review
"no measuring scoop - i need to know what 30 grammes is"
Thomas Enright | Posted 9 months ago | Read full review
"Loved the taste and effective"
Khalid Al-Qattan | Posted 1 year ago | Read full review
"Excellent product, natural."
Trusted Customer | Posted 1 year ago | Read full review
"Just what I was looking for, not easy to find a find a product like this. A good range of products not just the usual " run of the mill ""
Alan Cameron | Posted 2 years ago | Read full review
"I think I wish it comes soon"
dorothy kirk | Posted 2 years ago | Read full review
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