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Coconut and Pink Salt Electrolyte Blend

Our Coconut and Pink Salt Electrolyte Blend contains pure dried coconut water powder from organic green coconuts that supply a perfect natural replenishment of the mineral ions lost through sweat. Hot tropical countries have used coconut water from green coconuts for centuries and Nutristrength now provide a new product which captures the benefits of natural coconut water powder, in a convenient format you can add to smoothies or your favourite food.

Nutristrength Coconut and Pink Salt Electrolyte Blend also contains Himalayan Rose Pink Salt which contains important trace minerals magnesium, iron and potassium.

This product has an excellent balance of electrolytes and salt, whilst also being a sweet tasting coconut drink to add to your health regime.

This product is suitable for vegans.

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Scoop of whey protein

Mix one heaped 5.7g scoop in 250ml of water.

electrolyte hydrationElectrolyte Hydration

Coconut Water Powder, Himalayan Rose Pink Salt.