Szabina is a healthy recipe developer and food photographer for Nutristrength. Szabina is a level 5 qualified personal trainer and has made healthy eating a part of her life as she develops healthy recipes using Nutristrength products to suit a range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free diets. You can see more from Szabina via her Instagram account Instagram @szabina_healthystyle

  1. Coco Puffs

    Coco Puffs
    Coco Puffs Sometimes there are aromas and photos that really take you someplace special. Sometimes it's the memory of home and the smell of a home-cooked meal. I personally remember the countless amounts of breakfast cereals on offer at the stores. Coco Puffs are probably one of the favourites that come to mind and here you can see being prepared...
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  2. French Toast

    French Toast
    French Toast At times the weather gets a bit cold and dark, it makes you want to hide under the covers and resist all needs to head outside. This recipe is all about great comfort food which can be easily prepared quickly. It’s a sweet and heart warming contender. It’s just ideal for those days when the house is colder than...
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  3. Protein Truffles

    Protein Truffles
    Protein Truffles As our lives get busier and busier, it is ever so important that we continuously provide our bodies with the fuel it needs to keep going. These little things are a great treat when you're on the move and can be prepared in advance which can be stored in the fridge. Whether it's for a quick energy boost...
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  4. Raspberry Champagne Sorbet

    Raspberry Champagne Sorbet
    Raspberry Champagne Sorbet We all have those days when we want something to spice up our lives. Sometimes it’s great food and other times it’s a great cocktail that will make you feel guilt-free. I think we should do more of eating right but not forgetting to enjoy ourselves too. For those Monday evenings with terrible Monday morning starts here’s my...
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  5. Breakfast Pancakes Are Served

    Breakfast Pancakes Are Served
    Protein Pancakes Recipe Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Dessert is the tastiest meal of the day. Whether you like your pancakes for breakfast, brunch or dessert, our Protein Pancakes Recipe is a (slightly!) healthier alternative to more traditional recipes. It even counts as one of your five a day! This pancake recipe has been made so...
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  6. Beetroot & Rose Water Bliss Balls

    Beetroot & Rose Water Bliss Balls
    Beetroot & Rose Water Bliss Balls We really appreciate creativity when it comes to food, different innovative ways to enjoy snacks; whether it's different ingredients or different methods we are all ears. Szabina, our Nutristrength chef has created these lovely delights that are easy to make in no time at all. With all the different protein balls around, here's one...
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  7. Double Rich Chocolate Cookies

    Double Rich Chocolate Cookies
    Double Rich Chocolate Cookies Double Rich Chocolate Cookies, need I say anymore? This is one for the whole family to enjoy. You can dip this in an ice cold glass of milk or in a hot freshly brewed tea. Simply put, these are the kind of cookies you will want to hide from everyone else or if you're feeling generous...
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  8. Smoothie: Just Beet It

    Smoothie: Just Beet It
    Smoothie: Just Beet It Some of the best journeys in life are done alone but some of the greatest adventures begin with a journey with someone else. We are blessed to have great senses, being able to take in and embrace the nature around us. We can study architecture and world history; learning more and more about the way the...
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