Szabina is a healthy recipe developer and food photographer for Nutristrength. Szabina is a level 5 qualified personal trainer and has made healthy eating a part of her life as she develops healthy recipes using Nutristrength products to suit a range of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free diets. You can see more from Szabina via her Instagram account Instagram @szabina_healthystyle

  1. Mangonilla Smoothie

    Mangonilla Smoothie
    Mangonilla Smoothie This recipe was featured at the Body Power Expo last weekend and found many people returning to have another sample and another one.. and another one. They were gone as soon as we put them out, so either people were very thirsty or they just thought that it tasted so amazing that they had to have another one...
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  2. Rosemary Crackers & Beetroot Hummus

    Rosemary Crackers & Beetroot Hummus
    Rosemary Crackers & Beetroot Hummus This was one of the favourites from the Body Power event, easy to assemble party food snack and a great accompaniment to social gatherings. It's essential to have some finger food when there are guests about and this one will have people talking, although very simple it plays with your tastebuds and you will almost...
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  3. Fruity Bonbons

    Fruity Bonbons
    Fruity Bonbons If you were at our stand during Be:Fit London, Business Design Centre then you would have experienced these wonderful treats! It is actually a favourite of Justin St Paul and definitely a more-ish kind of bite that will leave a lovely sweet taste on your mouth without the guilt (; These Fruity Bonbons are fun and easy to...
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  4. Maca Bee Pollen Flapjack (Gluten Free)

    Maca Bee Pollen Flapjack (Gluten Free)
    Maca Bee Pollen Flapjack (Gluten Free) This week is Coeliac Awareness weak, so we would like to spread the word and knowledge about this disease. Coeliac disease is an autoimmune condition, where the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues when gluten is eaten. Therefore, you must be eating gluten as part of your normal diet to complete this assessment...
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    MIND-BLOWING SMOOTHIE Another treat that was featured during Be:Fit was Szabina's 'Mind Blowing' Smoothie! Were super positive that you will agree that this is definitely mind-blowing! Perfect for Summer a drink shared between good company. Top Tip: best enjoyed best ice cold! During the event, the team could not get enough of 'Mind Blowing' Smoothie, it really was just that...
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  6. Banana Spinach Mini Pancakes

    Banana Spinach Mini Pancakes
    Banana Spinach Mini Pancakes Hello everyone! Szabina has been busy preparing more delicious recipes for you guys to enjoy at home! We recently had our stand at the Be:Fit event in Angel this past weekend and a lot of you who came by to our stand had an amazing tasting session throughout the duration of the show. Here's our (green...
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  7. Coco Green Smoothie

    Coco Green Smoothie
    Coco Green Smoothie Recently we launched our rebrand at the Natural And Organic Products Event - ExCel, London. Through the duration of the event our Nutristrength Chef  Szabina made a selection of smoothie shots and food bites for our stand visitors. Many of the visitors expressed how delicious Szabina's Smoothie Shots and Food Bites were, so as promised these recipes...
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  8. Berry Cherry Flapjacks

    Berry Cherry Flapjacks
    Berry Cherry Flapjacks Hello! How about we try something new? Let’s talk about food exploration.  The perfect picnic with the perfect spread. There is nothing I love more than to just sit amongst good company or even by myself with food that hits you home and sets in the nostalgia. I’m talking about BBQ Chicken wings, snacks and smoothie drinks...
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  9. A Passion For Cheesecake

    A Passion For Cheesecake
    A Passion For Cheesecake Smile! Say Cheesecake! I suppose this one dessert is a universal love, enjoyed by millions and can be shared just between the one haha. But by chance, if we are talking about sharing with others lets indulge in something that is naughty in the right way but healthy all the same. Make your body your temple...
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  10. Raw Peanut Butter Brownies

    Raw Peanut Butter Brownies
    Raw Peanut Butter Brownies There are a lot of benefits to consuming within a well balanced diet raw foods, it's also a great variation to any diet. You may even find that eating raw food can also completely avoid allergens that derive from eating eggs, wheat, soy, sugar and dairy. It is great to learn about more ways that you...
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